Our Searches & Reports

Delvepoint offers the best data, at the best prices, with the most features. Built by professional skip-tracers, this platform is designed for actionable, accurate results. With three core areas, Delvepoint offers searches, reports, and services. Customization occurs at every level, with the ability to create custom exports, view and arrange data, and save all preferences.


People Searches

Pulling from billions of records from credit headers, public and private records, and niche and unique databases, Delvepoint expertly links information to find the people you need. Get easy access to information for the correct parties, relatives, relationships, and neighbors. Whether full criteria or only partial information is submitted, searches are available and accurate.

Business Searches

With more than 30 million firms in the United States, you can find information about businesses and government agencies through our skip tracing databases. Detailed profiles with principals, employees, assets, and relationship information, support your investigative and risk mitigation efforts while expansive coverage gives you the results you need.


Get all your information in an easy-to-read report. The Locate Report pulls together the best right-party-contact information on an individual, along with relatives and business information. With our data collection tools, three comprehensive reports including person, address, and business, make up a 360-degree background profile.