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Powerful Right-Party Contact Solutions

Our robust search tools deliver the right-party contact information you need for success. With intuitive searches that deliver phones, relatives, addresses, and bankruptcy information with one click, Delvepoint offers Collections the most valuable skip tracing tool in the industry. Customization occurs at every level, with the ability to create custom exports, view and arrange data, and save all preferences, making it easier to establish and monitor payment commitments from debtors.

A more advanced way to search

Sometimes it is necessary to search on a deeper level to find your subjects. We have made that search easier with Advanced Person Search. This search allows you to include additional information about your subject, such as a relative name or previous state of residence, or even use partial information you may have, to more accurately pinpoint where they are currently located.

Spend less time researching and more time connecting with debtors. Our data is comprised of hundreds of billions of records from over ten thousand sources, including all three credit bureaus. All of your searches and reports are expertly linked, organized and ready for you – with just one click.

Increase your efforts, reduce the collection cycle, and meet your agency's specific needs with the full customization of Delvepoint. With no long term contracts, try us for free.

Delivered your way

Get your Delvepoint data how you want it. Whether it’s through our web-based application, or via our Batch Processing and API Solutions, we’ve created multiple methods to get you the accurate and actionable data you need to be successful.

Batch Processing

This customized service allows you to simply upload your files or submit them through our secure FTP. Organize your input and output files to make integration into your systems even easier. Our batch system comes with an easy-to-read dashboard and multiple-user notifications. The fully customized Batch Services tool puts you in complete control. Delvepoint connects you to hundreds of billions of records with its fast, easy, and cost-effective batch processing system. Delvepoint Batch Services save labor costs, reduce errors, and provide a competitively priced solution for your high-volume searches and large-quantity files.

API Integration

Our platforms can be automated to connect with your existing applications and systems, delivering your data in a format specific to your needs and technological requirements. API integrations connect the different components of your tech stack to make them talk to each other and pass data seamlessly. They’re also important because building automated workflows of different applications that have been integrated via API can get rid of time-consuming manual labor, and also seamlessly transfer data that might otherwise require manual input and incur versioning issues, and enable you to do more of the important work you need to, faster.

Key Features for Delvepoint

  • Most accurate and actionable right-party-contact records
  • Massive repository of historical and current records linking people, their businesses, and their assets
  • Most accurate linking strategies to pull relatives, neighbors, and close associates
  • Visual representation of relationships
  • Professional, customizable reports in PDF, Word, Excel, and Open Office formats
  • Multiple views to access the data
  • Easy-to-use, fully customizable administrative features
  • Complimentary online training