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Get the information you need, where you work.

Private investigators, process servers, detectives, and bail agents use Delvepoint to conduct deep investigations to find missing persons, locate and recover debt and find bail fugitives faster than ever before. Delvepoint knows that finding the right information is critical to pleasing clients and closing the case. With more than 11 million sources and 65 billion records, the information you seek is expertly linked, arranged, and ready for you.

We work where you work

Delvepoint is available on your computer, your laptop, your tablet, and your phone — all without downloading an app or learning a different platform. Everywhere you work, Delvepoint is available to you. We know that investigators work in the office, at home, and on the road, which is why we never impose restrictions on your access. Get the information you need, where you work.

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With the best prices for data quality and quantity, you can't beat Delvepoint. We offer transactional and flat rate pricing. Our completely customizable batch services tool puts you in control and allows for a variety of data needs. The features found in Delvepoint, like the Vault, offer you more value for each search. All of your searches and reports are available for 90 days!