Answers to Your Questions

Delvepoint is an inherently intuitive system, designed to bring you accurate, actionable results. Here are a few, regular questions and answers we receive from other skip tracers.

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Out of the gate, Delvepoint provides investigative professionals the highest quality consumer data available. If your business requires unmasked data, such as full SSN's and DOB's, a physical site inspection may be necessary. These inspections document the permissible purpose claimed in the application, and ensure that offices handling consumer data are properly secure, with appropriate locks and destruction materials on hand.

The inspector may look for the following items:

• Up-to-date antivirus software
• Shredder/Destruction device
• Locking separation between office and residence (Home-based businesses only)
• Computers are password protected
• Access to computers is limited to employees only
• Unique usernames and passwords for all employees using the database

Simply log into your Delvepoint account and access your billing information from the main menu (My Account > Billing & Payments). You will be able to update your payment information, make payments, view your current invoice, access invoices and usage details, and view past receipts. In addition, you have the ability to sign up for daily, weekly, or monthly usage reports to monitor your account's activity.

When logging into your Delvepoint account, click the "Forgot Password" button on the screen where you normally enter your password. You will be prompted to answer a security question, and a new password will be sent to your email address. If you are still having issues accessing your account after the automated password reset, please contact our friendly Customer Service Team by calling 866.945.1667 during normal business hours or emailing

After logging into Delvepoint, click on your name at the top left of your screen. View your user profile page and choose the "Update Password" option.

Finding people is part art, part science. Our proprietary database combines data from millions of sources, giving you access to the most comprehensive collection of information in the United States. Our searches are designed to return the background information you need.

At the top right of every page in Delvepoint, you'll see a Help button. Delvepoint has custom help information on each and every page. We also offer training for you and your team — at no cost to you! Learn more about training here.

Additional compliance documents and a site inspection may be required.

Yes! While the Social Security Number may be truncated in your search results, you have the option of either clicking the SSN to continue searching or purchasing the SSN as a separate search.

Our information is very accurate, but due to the nature of public records, the data returned may have errors. Data is sometimes entered or processed incorrectly. This system should not be relied upon as 100% accurate.

Getting the best results is a combination of entering the best available search criteria and making sure the coverage of the search is accurate. Click on the coverage map on any search to ensure the information is available for your location and/or source.

All results — both searches and reports — are automatically saved for you for ninety days. Access your search history by clicking the "Search History" tab at the top right of Delvepoint. You can also save your search results in your Vault folders. All information stored in the Vault is kept active for as long as you are a customer in good standing.

The data provided by Delvepoint is a combination of more than 65 billion records from more than 11 million different data sources. Data sources are updated daily, weekly, monthly, and annually.

Log into your Delvepoint account and access your account details by clicking on the Menu button. All details are available under the My Account tab.

The Compliance Center is your one-stop center for verification of your business and account. Each state has requirements, based on industry, to allow you to access our data. Some federal restrictions even apply! Delvepoint streamlines the verification process by requesting certain documents about you and your business in the Compliance Center. Upload the requested documents to expedite your verification and compliance process. Documents can be any file type and up to 100 MB in size.