New Utilities Data!

Find your subject with our new Utilities-Only Search!

You’ve always had contact information available based on utility services such as gas/electric companies, water companies, phone carriers, cable providers, internet providers, wireline/wireless providers, but now you have access to it as a stand-alone search.

In our person searches, you may get many addresses for one person, including multiple properties, which can be extremely helpful. However, by breaking down your search into just utilities, you can find your subject’s most likely location by seeing where most of their services are hooked up, billing addresses compared to property addresses, etc.

Get Organized!

Create Client-Specific Usage Reports with Delvepoint

Looking for your Delvepoint search reference code? It’s easy!

You have the ability to set up free Usage Reports to see a breakdown of your searches and reports daily, weekly and monthly. You can also pull a usage report on-demand anytime via My Account. Never guess what you spent on a certain search, a particular client or per user. This is a great tool to help you monitor billing for clients and staff time allocation.

Sign up for your free Usage Reports today!

Vehicle Sightings Price Reduced!

Locate vehicles nationwide using license plate recognition data

We've added License Plate Recognition (LPR) data to Delvepoint allowing users to conveniently access Vehicle Sightings through any search or report containing a physical address, license plate number or VIN. Search this massive database of over 9 billion nationwide vehicle sightings, with up to 160 million sightings added each month.

Vehicle Sightings gives you instant access to current and historical locations of vehicles across the United States. This innovative tool allows you to plot multiple sightings for the same vehicle on a single map to uncover the most likely locations of search subjects.

Vehicle Sightings within Delvepoint is an essential tool for permitted investigative applications and ONLY for use by an insurer or insurance support organization such as Private Investigators, in connection with claims investigation activities, anti-fraud activities, rating or underwriting.